Did Iran really try to bomb MEK rally in Paris?!

froze asset over the alleged bombing plot. On 20 July 2018, Israeli international 24-hour news or i24NEWS said that the Bombing Plot against MEK meeting in was Foiled by the ! Interesting!

Some people say the plot to blow-up the MEK meeting in Paris is a false flag to undermine Iranian president trip to Europe to salvage the Nuclear Deal,

**The reason for their claim is that the captured couple that was involved in that alleged bombing plot were indeed members of MEK themselves and had pictures with some of the highest MEK officials!**

So basically MEK (a terrorist organisation that wants to rule Iran) tried to sabotage Iran’s effort to make some reconciliation with Europe by faking a bombing plot against themselves through their members and try to show that as Iran’s effort.

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 03.46.07

(The man in the middle is called Mehdi Abrishamchi who is known as the right hand of the main leader of MEK, very high ranking MEK. The man on the Right is one of the bombing plotters, Amir Saadouni)

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 03.46.14(Amir Saadouni, one of captured bombing plotter in a MEK rally in Paris or London) Naseem-e- Naimi who is Amir Saadouni’s wife was also captured with 500 g of explosives!

The news about an Iranian diplomat being involved is totally made up. They had only found his contact number and made a call to him through their personal phone ( ! ) so that it would look as if he was involved!

Do they really want us to believe that they would communicate by phone before plotting a bombing in such a scale!? This is the classic definition of False Flag.

Iran does worry about MEK but since they are so hated by Iranian people that Iranian government would use that to demonise the rest of the oppositions ( who aren’t that impressive either ) so they are not so desperate to eliminate them.

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 03.46.22

Even if they really wanted to remove the MEK officials, they would definitely consider that the US officials are also present who they don’t want to hurt (at least in this way).