Zarif Resignation: Review

The source of most of the committed crimes, especially the most outrageous ones, is not created in one night or in the moment as many people think to be the case, but in fact, the actual cause is due to an immense amount of mental torture and unexpressed emotions/feelings that have been packing together for relatively a long-time (depending on every individual).

Zarif did not resign out of sudden, indeed, it is known to the public that he had to ask for resignation at least a couple of times before but Zarif did not publicise them like the last on 26th February 2019.
As it was disclosed one day after the resignation, this time what had made Zarif upset is when he found out Syrian President, Bashar Assad, had arrived in Tehran and right now is meeting with the supreme leader, in a meeting where Qassem Soleimani is sitting at the foreign minister seat instead of Zarif.

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The Photos above from the Assad meeting with the supreme leader; as it can be seen, the third person starting from the front is Qassem Soleimani instead of  Zarif. Additionally, it can be seen that even Rouhani is not present in this meeting (the president usually sits next to the quest).

Zarif thought this is a way, the system is trying to say to him that he has lost the supreme leader support, Zarif took this personally, and in return, declared his resignation on the same night.

Zarif resignation made lots of noise in Iran and the region probably more than the Principlists also knows as Hardliners imagined probably because of Zarif amazingly firing speech at the Munich security conference a few days back.


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Nonetheless, the following day, the resignation, faced a huge backlash. Iranian Twitter users made “Zarif stay” hashtag, Most MP made an official request of him not resigning but more importantly, Qassem Soleimani, personally, made a statement praising Zarif service and further explained, due to highly tight security reasons, very few people knew about this trip. It was revealed that not even president Rouhani knew about the meeting and that General Soleimani was personally in the plane with Bashar Assad. This claim does seem legitimate president Assad was travelling alone with no other Syrian government officials.


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The photos above show the most recent Instagram post affiliated to the General Qassem Soleimani, in which he hugging foreign minister Javad Zarif.

The following day, president Assad invited Zarif to Syria and praised his amazing work against the common enemy.

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