Is Iran Prepared To Bomb Pakistan?

The Source for the picture above: Pakistani Army Welcomes Irans Mediatory Role – UrduPoint

I know the situation between India and Pakistan is very tense so let’s take a deep breath first if you are from either country.

This question is asking whether Iran is really prepared to bomb Pakistan based on the assumption that Iran has woke up one morning and said why aren’t we bombing our neighbouring country Pakistan with whom we indeed have a strategic relationship?! The last thing Iran would ever wanna do is bombing Pakistan out of imperial aggressiveness as we had no strategic disputes.

(The source for the picture above: Pakistan FURY: India warned of huge response if war is imposed – Iran is our ‘brother’)

Since I could remember, we heard of our border guards getting killed or brutally beheaded by the terrorist organisation operating in both Afghanistan and Pakistan, but more recently, it is entirely from Pakistan.

You see, when you’re in the governmental position especially, the intelligence minister and Armed Forces, one in many roles that you have are to respond to how the public is reacting particularly in the case of incidents. A few weeks back, when a suicide bomber targeted border units of Islamic Republic Guard Corps (IRGC) and murdered and injured dozens, Iranian people got generally emotional but communities that have some link to the military, security and intelligence agencies, which are actually the second or third largest community in Iran got furious ( ready to act). The state has to respond according to how society is feeling in order to maintain its sense of authority and legitimacy (especially when emotion is at an extreme level).

The highest ranking commanders of Iranian armed forces said if Pakistan is not going to secure that region that we know to accommodate terrorist camps then we are going to make the necessary measures on our own.

The source for the picture above: Tehran’s warning against spirit of Pak-Iran brotherly relations, FO tells envoy

Imagine, every month or 2, militants operating within the Iranian border were conducting ambush attacks operations on Pakistani border region with Iran, so, you are losing your troops in large numbers but are unable to respond because terrorists run back to Iran as soon as they conducted their attack. You ask Iranian government and they say sorry Pakistan, we don’t have 100% control over some areas in Iran but we will do our best! Often if there is an attack from one to its neighbour, the other side, considered that country responsible. You see, if there were 1 or 2 attacks then we could be more flexible but when there is a consistent pattern of attacks then something has to be done. If Pakistan is unable to do what’s necessary, then why not let Iran does it? You cannot say “Neither You nor I, are going to do something about it, because that’s B.S.

The Source for the picture above: Iran Says Welcomes Pakistan’s Bid to Fence Shared Border

Pakistani government knows what where Iranian commander is coming from by making those statements; they probably, have discussed these several months back when many official meetings took place between Iran and Pakistan. 

Written by By Iman Mohammadi On 4 March 2019

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Is It All Because of Iran aggressiveness Or Our Arrogance?

Iran is not aggressive but being independent and free (in term of foreign policy making) is usually perceived by few who fear the rise of a competitor as being “aggressive”.

(Mohammad Javad Zarif, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran, responded to US warnings to sink Iranian speedboats)

Every action that various countries have taken in western Asia obviously has produced some reactions by the states located in that region.

>> The absurd approach of forcing the creation of the state of Israel literally changed the fate entire of the region and world. The 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran was massively influenced by the conflict between Palestine and Israel. IN my opinion, if it wasn’t for the issue of Palestine, Khomeini wouldn’t have had enough determination and enthusiasm to become the leader of the revolution.

>> All the blood and controversies of the 1979 revolution in Iran rooted in the US, the British and the Soviets rootless policies since the WWI with respect to Iran.

On Missile

But these days Iran is accused of being aggressive only because it has resisted foreign countries attacks. it is quite remarkable to my eyes when the US and its allies call Iran aggressive for developing missile technology as the only means of its defence while at the same time selling hundreds of billions worth of state of the art missile to Iran neighbours! This doesn’t make sense anywhere in the globe. India made nukes because China got nukes, and Pakistan got nukes because India got nukes. This is how it works. Everywhere. For example, NATO violated the treaty and installed many Air Defence System batteries surrounding Russia (taking away their strike capability) and Russia in return made Supersonic cruise missile that can bypass those air defences easily. Therefore, if the US help Israel by money and resources to build whatever kind of weapons (F35, iron dome, Tanks Nuclear Bombs Uranium etc) that they need or sells hundreds of billion dollars military equipment to Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf states countries, then we all should expect the most influential country (arguably) in that region to get worried and feels the need to acquire some form of deterrence to avoid being inavded like in 1980 by US/Soviet/EU backed Saddam.

(Javad Zarif gave the most precise and concise answer with regards to the missile)

Afghanistan and Iraq

When the US decided to occupy two of Iran neighbouring countries, Iran offers help to avoid what everyone had in mind (US war with Iran). The US accepted Iran help in toppling Taliban in Afghanistan and that is why the primary operation went very smooth but when it came to Iraq, Bush rejected Iran offer and instead called Iran axis of evil. In other words, Iran thought they might be next soon or later if the US forces remain in Iraq in mass. Many in the US main think-tank like Hudson institute hate Iran for helping Iraqi militias push the US occupying forces out of their country, which means the some in the US are angry on why you fought back when we popped all over your country and dropped some more uranium depleted bombs on your children as a memorial! This is really unbelievable the level of arrogance!


They themselves replaced the Suni Saddam who was a CIA stooge, with a new system that happened to be run by the Shia prime minister after the elections! Then under the US supervision, ISIS is created and kept growing but they somehow dare to accuse Iran once again for that!

Why Iran somehow was in Iraq?!

As ISIS, advanced 30 km to Iranians border and the US simply rejected an emergency call for help from the Iraqi government on ISIS offensives to Baghdad and Erbil, Iran received two calls one from Kurdish authorities and one from Baghdad, demanding immediate support and Iran without saying anything further deployed heavy military equipment plus several hundred special forces in one night which repelled the ISIS offensives. Is it Iran being aggressive here?!


The only reason why Iran has some presence in Syria is due to the fact that the US and its allies created a Jihadist production factory in that country.

>> US/ allies made a systematic effort to find every psychopath, criminal and terrorists from all over the globe (Chechnya, southern Russia, eastern Asia, Saudi Arabia etc) and deployed them to Syria from the northern border with Turkey where Erdogan-ISIS dirty oil trade was going on and from southern Syria, through Jordan and also from the Israel occupying Golan Heights. Iran with so much suffering managed to keep them in line until Russia provided airpower to stop that cancer before it was too late! They did everyone a favour, especially the European!

Iran is not aggressive, in fact, Iran has been entirely pretty defensive but effective and firm on its moves (because it’s defensive simply wanting to survive) whereas other parties just made reckless policies as if its a game, because it is a game for them when you’re defending your existence, your entire being, you’re more likely to be effective and determined, whereas imperial kind of policies are superfluous and lack determination.

Lesson From History: What Caused The 1979 Islamic Revolution In Iran?

Often series of events that involves major injustices lead to things like revolution or a rise of a man like Hitler.

It is important to know what events caused the Iranian society to rise up against Shah and his western supporters.

In WW1 Iran was occupied in an aggressive move by the British and the soviet, which lead to the genocide or ”Persian famine of 1917–1919” instated by the British which resulted in the death of several million Iranians! Have in mind, this famine could have been easily avoided if it was not systematically planned.

In WW2, Iran was again occupied for nothing more than pure aggression and its leader at the time Reza shah was removed by force and his son who was loyal to the west was installed. 10 years after that, CIA again largely intervened in Iranian domestic affairs and thus their natural sociable evolution to nationalize their oil industry by organizing a coup to topple the leader of that movement. After that coup, people had become very frustrated and painfully helpless. They were quite ready for an uprising as they still had a fresh memory of western interference and Shah loyalty to them.

One of other reason why people wanted an anti-west leader was the fact that west had betrayed Reza Shah during the WW1 in the most despicable manner, which showed to people even if you be friend with the west, they are still going to stab you, not in the back but right on your stomach as you are watching.

All this bad consciousness in the society resulted in the Islamic revolution in which a man like Khomeini said all the things that were in people’s hearts and more important than anything promised to bring self-determination.