Is It All Because of Iran aggressiveness Or Our Arrogance?

Iran is not aggressive but being independent and free (in term of foreign policy making) is usually perceived by few who fear the rise of a competitor as being “aggressive”.

(Mohammad Javad Zarif, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran, responded to US warnings to sink Iranian speedboats)

Every action that various countries have taken in western Asia obviously has produced some reactions by the states located in that region.

>> The absurd approach of forcing the creation of the state of Israel literally changed the fate entire of the region and world. The 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran was massively influenced by the conflict between Palestine and Israel. IN my opinion, if it wasn’t for the issue of Palestine, Khomeini wouldn’t have had enough determination and enthusiasm to become the leader of the revolution.

>> All the blood and controversies of the 1979 revolution in Iran rooted in the US, the British and the Soviets rootless policies since the WWI with respect to Iran.

On Missile

But these days Iran is accused of being aggressive only because it has resisted foreign countries attacks. it is quite remarkable to my eyes when the US and its allies call Iran aggressive for developing missile technology as the only means of its defence while at the same time selling hundreds of billions worth of state of the art missile to Iran neighbours! This doesn’t make sense anywhere in the globe. India made nukes because China got nukes, and Pakistan got nukes because India got nukes. This is how it works. Everywhere. For example, NATO violated the treaty and installed many Air Defence System batteries surrounding Russia (taking away their strike capability) and Russia in return made Supersonic cruise missile that can bypass those air defences easily. Therefore, if the US help Israel by money and resources to build whatever kind of weapons (F35, iron dome, Tanks Nuclear Bombs Uranium etc) that they need or sells hundreds of billion dollars military equipment to Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf states countries, then we all should expect the most influential country (arguably) in that region to get worried and feels the need to acquire some form of deterrence to avoid being inavded like in 1980 by US/Soviet/EU backed Saddam.

(Javad Zarif gave the most precise and concise answer with regards to the missile)

Afghanistan and Iraq

When the US decided to occupy two of Iran neighbouring countries, Iran offers help to avoid what everyone had in mind (US war with Iran). The US accepted Iran help in toppling Taliban in Afghanistan and that is why the primary operation went very smooth but when it came to Iraq, Bush rejected Iran offer and instead called Iran axis of evil. In other words, Iran thought they might be next soon or later if the US forces remain in Iraq in mass. Many in the US main think-tank like Hudson institute hate Iran for helping Iraqi militias push the US occupying forces out of their country, which means the some in the US are angry on why you fought back when we popped all over your country and dropped some more uranium depleted bombs on your children as a memorial! This is really unbelievable the level of arrogance!


They themselves replaced the Suni Saddam who was a CIA stooge, with a new system that happened to be run by the Shia prime minister after the elections! Then under the US supervision, ISIS is created and kept growing but they somehow dare to accuse Iran once again for that!

Why Iran somehow was in Iraq?!

As ISIS, advanced 30 km to Iranians border and the US simply rejected an emergency call for help from the Iraqi government on ISIS offensives to Baghdad and Erbil, Iran received two calls one from Kurdish authorities and one from Baghdad, demanding immediate support and Iran without saying anything further deployed heavy military equipment plus several hundred special forces in one night which repelled the ISIS offensives. Is it Iran being aggressive here?!


The only reason why Iran has some presence in Syria is due to the fact that the US and its allies created a Jihadist production factory in that country.

>> US/ allies made a systematic effort to find every psychopath, criminal and terrorists from all over the globe (Chechnya, southern Russia, eastern Asia, Saudi Arabia etc) and deployed them to Syria from the northern border with Turkey where Erdogan-ISIS dirty oil trade was going on and from southern Syria, through Jordan and also from the Israel occupying Golan Heights. Iran with so much suffering managed to keep them in line until Russia provided airpower to stop that cancer before it was too late! They did everyone a favour, especially the European!

Iran is not aggressive, in fact, Iran has been entirely pretty defensive but effective and firm on its moves (because it’s defensive simply wanting to survive) whereas other parties just made reckless policies as if its a game, because it is a game for them when you’re defending your existence, your entire being, you’re more likely to be effective and determined, whereas imperial kind of policies are superfluous and lack determination.

TheBiggerPicture – Why The American Public Doesn’t Care That Sanctions Are Killing Iranian People?!

Milgram Experiment is one of the most interesting and controversial experiments in psychology. This experiment showed that people are willing to kill another human being who they have never met when they feel a person of a higher authority is ordering it to them, so it means people don’t feel responsible when its not them who have decided to kill that person even though it’s them who are actually doing the killing.
After the US dropped 2 nuclear bombs in Japan, the American public, were very happy and not at all upset, they even wanted to the US to drop more nukes. This is not only true for all human beings not only Americans.

Morality is a very strange subject. Most if not all people only find something immoral and wrong when it is assumed to be wrong. So it is not absolute. People could have been taught to find something totally right even though they might appear to find it extremely disgusting now. It’s depressing and a bit dark!

So to give a more direct answer to your question, American don’t give a damn because, in their community, sanctions on Iran is assumed to be moral and justified. If tomorrow the US mainstream media try to portray it as immoral and inhuman, then, the next day, you would see human right activists, protesting on street crying for the people of Iran.

Are The Secondary Sanctions On Iran a Good Idea?

In order to determine whether it’s a good idea or not, we have to see whether it helps to achieve the goals of US and its allies.

The ultimate goal of the US and its allies is to simply topple the Iranian establishment in the way that Iran wouldn’t be able to come back at the international scene anytime soon. Many people say it’s also to restrain Iran from expanding its influence throughout the region and beyond.

Sanctions are not going to bring down the establishment simply because they are ineffective. They are ineffective because number of countries like China, Russia, Turkey and India are not going to abide by the set of rules that the US unilateral issued, also, because Iran is not the type of country that could be defeated by only sanctions what this means is that Iran is an independent state that can provide many of its essential needs like food and medicine. These type of sanctions will work on smaller countries that can be squeezed not Iran and definitely not Russia or China.

But why is that a bad Idea especially in the case of Iran? What the US feared the most about Iran is called Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps or IRGC. IRGC was one of the main element that was responsible to pass through the 2012-2015 Obama sanctions by finding alternative ways. Now guess what, IRGC gets more experience and finds more connections globally when they’re ordered to find ways around sanctions, they become more powerful by having more responsibilities. So this is a classic example of unintended consequences or blowbacks in politics and international relation.

Soviet Union collapsed not because of economic hardship (although it had its effect) but when Soviet Union last leader Mikhail Gorbachev thought west was his friend and officially invited its enemy to his house. Pretending to be the friend of Iran is the most effective way to topple their establishment. So, the Iran deal was not achieved because Obama loved Iran but because he thought this strategy is more likely to work than others.

What are the implications of the US reimposing all the Iran nuclear deal-related sanctions?

It’s dangerous. Soon we will realise how truly effective these sanctions are going to be.

Iran has already started using its own huge oil tankers to import its oil to the Asian buyers. This method is already very difficult and dangerous for Iran but Iran is willing to peruse it but in any case, if the US managed to plot those secret shipping routes that Iran uses to ship its oil to prevent Iran’s costumers then Iran might feel too isolated and decides it needs to fight to survive.

If the European Union fail to implement their little plan to continue their businesses in Iran, meaning they stop buying Iranian oil and the flow of dollar and Euro stops from Europe then it is very likely that Iran decides to resume its uranium enrichment like before. This is the tricky part and Israel indeed wants this. Iran knows that Israel would want that because then they can pressure Trump to bomb Iranian nuclear facilities and that’s why Iran is not very keen to resume its program now. Despite this, they would likely to do it if they feel they are not getting anything back from staying in the deal.


In another perspective, Iran would actually welcome resuming their program and even making other crafty acts if things inside the country become unstable. Many experts, expect things in Iran gets unstable but not necessarily because of sanctions, but through the outsiders within the system in Iran. I don’t say through sanctions because the government has prepared enough cash to inject in the streets and control it for the short-term after these sanctions but if certain entities within the government try to make mayhem then there is little the system can do. So if the situation gets too out of control then the system would definitely welcome a war-type conflict.

The following 5 months is the period of uncertainty thus dangerous.