QuickRead- What is a main goal of Iran’s market reform plans?

There is no market reform plan, It’s rather the control over the market.

The real economic reform that the Iranian government is pursuing is the reform of the entire of the banking system of the country. In this plan, they will have to close-down many banks I believe except the main few central banks and this is gonna make lots of noise which is why they are cautious is starting this plan. Another goal of this reform is to stop or at least decrease the interest rate considerably.

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Iran’s Banking Reform Prospects Look Brighter

But, considering the recent events, “market reform” could be interpreted as the use of force (such as capital punishment) to prevent certain super-wealthy individuals and groups to manipulate the market for their own benefit.

So far, I should say they have been quite successful since the market is kind of stable even when the last round of sanctions was reimposed on 6 November. They are engineering the market so that it would never experience another huge decline. And when the effects of sanctions are too large to stop, they make sure these effects hit the market one at a time and not all at once that could cause protests and public outrage. They even managed to decrease the price of the dollar and increase the value of the national currency.

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‘Sultan of Coins’ executed in Iran