Why reconciliation between states like Iran and Israel is unlikely to take place?

One side has to retreat much more than other the side for reconciliation in such a level to take place.

Usually, countries make such reconciliation if one side is clearly on the back foot. Either in a post-war time when one side has already been defeated (e.g., Nazis after WWII, Japanese after WWII or Germany after WWI) or it is in an even a worse situation than post-war as the result of other means of warlike sanctions thus have no choice but to reconcile (reconciliation from the point of weakness) with their enemy.

Human beings have shown to do not reconcile in such matters. Well, they do reconcile but mostly when they are kids in their play; it is very uncommon at international relation level for hostile countries to make any reconciliation. Once a nation perused a long-term fundamental policy, it becomes really challenging and even impossible to make any reconciliation. For example, Russia and the US were, are and will be forever enemies; the US wants to control Russia and Russia wants to bring the US down and climb up itself. Unfortunately, these policies are natural because they are rooted from the nature of human beings and how they view power and its relation to survival, which, counts as the most important thing in the human mind.

Series of historical events prior to 1979 had made the Iranian nation very sceptical and deceitful to the west (at that time), which lead to the 1979 Islamic revolution. Khomeini was a leader. He got millions of supporters by acknowledging everything that Iranian hated about Shah and also introduced his view of political Shi’ism to the revolution (Shi’ism is one of two branches of Islam practised mainly in Iran)The issue of Palestine was the most important aspect of his political ideology, in term of the foreign policy.

(Iranian policy toward Israel has also to do with the fact that Iranian are the minority in the Islamic world and their region)

Ever since then, Iran has made the decision to oppose Israel. And they have invested and sacrificed to the extent that they cannot really go back. As long as nothing fundamentally changes, Iran will oppose Israel. Israel will also oppose all countries that are as large as Iraq.

Iran and its regional allies along with Russia have just passed through the hardest period of wars in Syria (Jihadists, the emerge of ISIS and regime change) and Iraq (ISIS) successfully, despite all odds. There is no reason for Iran to make any meaningful reconciliation with Israel. And like always. Israel is not considering such matters.

In Iranian perspective, in the best-case scenario, just like the post-Afghanistan invasion when Iran and west held serious talks about nuclear and other issues, I assume Iran would be willing to fully seize its nuclear enrichment (perhaps for 10 years) and make Hezbollah less militaristic In return for giving Palestinian the rights to VOTE and have their own state (two-state solution) and the ease of sanction. But Israel (the US) rejected the best scenario at that time and I think they will do the same now even though Iran is very unlikely to make that much of reconciliation that it did when it had US troops on its borders occupying one country after another.

Lesson From History: What Caused The 1979 Islamic Revolution In Iran?

Often series of events that involves major injustices lead to things like revolution or a rise of a man like Hitler.

It is important to know what events caused the Iranian society to rise up against Shah and his western supporters.

In WW1 Iran was occupied in an aggressive move by the British and the soviet, which lead to the genocide or ”Persian famine of 1917–1919” instated by the British which resulted in the death of several million Iranians! Have in mind, this famine could have been easily avoided if it was not systematically planned.

In WW2, Iran was again occupied for nothing more than pure aggression and its leader at the time Reza shah was removed by force and his son who was loyal to the west was installed. 10 years after that, CIA again largely intervened in Iranian domestic affairs and thus their natural sociable evolution to nationalize their oil industry by organizing a coup to topple the leader of that movement. After that coup, people had become very frustrated and painfully helpless. They were quite ready for an uprising as they still had a fresh memory of western interference and Shah loyalty to them.

One of other reason why people wanted an anti-west leader was the fact that west had betrayed Reza Shah during the WW1 in the most despicable manner, which showed to people even if you be friend with the west, they are still going to stab you, not in the back but right on your stomach as you are watching.

All this bad consciousness in the society resulted in the Islamic revolution in which a man like Khomeini said all the things that were in people’s hearts and more important than anything promised to bring self-determination.

TheBiggerPicture – Why The American Public Doesn’t Care That Sanctions Are Killing Iranian People?!

Milgram Experiment is one of the most interesting and controversial experiments in psychology. This experiment showed that people are willing to kill another human being who they have never met when they feel a person of a higher authority is ordering it to them, so it means people don’t feel responsible when its not them who have decided to kill that person even though it’s them who are actually doing the killing.
After the US dropped 2 nuclear bombs in Japan, the American public, were very happy and not at all upset, they even wanted to the US to drop more nukes. This is not only true for all human beings not only Americans.

Morality is a very strange subject. Most if not all people only find something immoral and wrong when it is assumed to be wrong. So it is not absolute. People could have been taught to find something totally right even though they might appear to find it extremely disgusting now. It’s depressing and a bit dark!

So to give a more direct answer to your question, American don’t give a damn because, in their community, sanctions on Iran is assumed to be moral and justified. If tomorrow the US mainstream media try to portray it as immoral and inhuman, then, the next day, you would see human right activists, protesting on street crying for the people of Iran.

QuickRead- What is a main goal of Iran’s market reform plans?

There is no market reform plan, It’s rather the control over the market.

The real economic reform that the Iranian government is pursuing is the reform of the entire of the banking system of the country. In this plan, they will have to close-down many banks I believe except the main few central banks and this is gonna make lots of noise which is why they are cautious is starting this plan. Another goal of this reform is to stop or at least decrease the interest rate considerably.

Screenshot 2018-11-27 at 03.21.32

Iran’s Banking Reform Prospects Look Brighter

But, considering the recent events, “market reform” could be interpreted as the use of force (such as capital punishment) to prevent certain super-wealthy individuals and groups to manipulate the market for their own benefit.

So far, I should say they have been quite successful since the market is kind of stable even when the last round of sanctions was reimposed on 6 November. They are engineering the market so that it would never experience another huge decline. And when the effects of sanctions are too large to stop, they make sure these effects hit the market one at a time and not all at once that could cause protests and public outrage. They even managed to decrease the price of the dollar and increase the value of the national currency.

Screenshot 2018-11-27 at 03.21.43

‘Sultan of Coins’ executed in Iran

QuickRead- Considering The Case Of Nazanin Zaghari, Is Iran Safe For Tourists?

Iran is amongst the safest country in the world, next to western European countries.

Screenshot 2018-11-27 at 03.18.17.png

These are the most dangerous countries to travel to in 2019

Tourists cannot be any more welcomed and loved anywhere else than Iran.

Just search in YouTube for “Vlog Iran” then you would see many personal vlogs of tourists that show their love for the country and how they were treated with respect. Iran is one of those countries that tourists are more likely to get pressure to get free things like food than being pressured to buy stuff.

Thousands of tourists have gone to Iran since 2015 and none of them had any issue.

The cases like the Nazanin Zaghari (an Iranian born woman) are very different. She did not go back to Iran because she wanted to visit, she came back for espionage activities and to teach the techniques to create propaganda, which would be used to topple the central government.

Unless you have anything else in mind than simply visiting an ancient land full of surprises, there is nothing to worry about.

QuickRead- Are Iran And Israel Friends Behind the Scenes?

Some Arab countries like Saudi Arabia and UAE are the ones who try to spread this propaganda.

The reason why they do this is that they don’t want their people to somehow support Iran because Iran is the only country that is standing up to Israel with regards to the Palestinian issue.

The idea of being “Secretly Friend” is something that intelligence agencies like the KGB and Mossad like to use. For example, Hamas was created by Mossad at first, so that Hamas could be something like ISIS that could justify IDF policy to crush the Palestinian; just like no one has empathy toward ISIS, they wanted to create the same with Hamas in Palestine.

If Iran was secretly friend with Israel, then that should have been for the purpose of making Israel win and not experience their first ever defeat with Hezbollah.

If Iran was secretly friend with Israel, then Iran should have allowed Assad to fall and Syria gets divided and not the other way around and the same applies for Kurdish referendum in Iraq which could have resulted in Iraq getting divided into three states which would greatly benefit Israel if it was not for Iran.

And again, if Iran was secretly friend with Israel then they shouldn’t have put quite a much of resources to create a local coalition in Iraq and Syria that could defeat ISIS. Indeed the opposite, if Iran was secretly friend with Israel then they should have allowed ISIS to take over Iraq and Syria that resulted in a global hatred and horror for ISIS and Muslim (much greater than the current Islamophobia) which would have legitimised a broad bloody invasion of these countries by NATO and even Israel, which, ultimately, would have greatly served Israel by allowing it to expand and suppress Palestinian while not getting global condemnation.

So, I don’t think Iran and Israel are secretly friends as Israel is doing its best to topple the Iranian government

QuickRead- Will Pakistan Ever Allow The US to Use Its Soil To Attack Iran?

No, they would never do that, especially with Imran Khan being in power. Pakistan has actually got into some troubles with the US (Trump) since last year which led to the US sanctioning Pakistan. Iran and Pakistan have recently been developing quite a deep relationship indeed.

Screenshot 2018-11-27 at 03.09.04

Around 4 years ago when the topic of the airstrike on Iranian nuclear sites was very hot, Turkey, a NATO member, announced they will not allow their soil as a base for any sort of attack on Iran. They said the same about the Iraq invasion, actually.

Unfortunately, the only country that would allow this to happen is Saudi Arabia and other smaller Persian Gulf states, but mainly Saudi Arabia.

Pakistan will remain more and less neutral but let’s be sure, many Shia from Pakistan will be willing to fight but in an off-the-record manner.

The Source for the first Screenshot: U.S. Relations with Pakistan Hit Rock Bottom With Trump’s Tweets