Is Iran Prepared To Bomb Pakistan?

The Source for the picture above: Pakistani Army Welcomes Irans Mediatory Role – UrduPoint

I know the situation between India and Pakistan is very tense so let’s take a deep breath first if you are from either country.

This question is asking whether Iran is really prepared to bomb Pakistan based on the assumption that Iran has woke up one morning and said why aren’t we bombing our neighbouring country Pakistan with whom we indeed have a strategic relationship?! The last thing Iran would ever wanna do is bombing Pakistan out of imperial aggressiveness as we had no strategic disputes.

(The source for the picture above: Pakistan FURY: India warned of huge response if war is imposed – Iran is our ‘brother’)

Since I could remember, we heard of our border guards getting killed or brutally beheaded by the terrorist organisation operating in both Afghanistan and Pakistan, but more recently, it is entirely from Pakistan.

You see, when you’re in the governmental position especially, the intelligence minister and Armed Forces, one in many roles that you have are to respond to how the public is reacting particularly in the case of incidents. A few weeks back, when a suicide bomber targeted border units of Islamic Republic Guard Corps (IRGC) and murdered and injured dozens, Iranian people got generally emotional but communities that have some link to the military, security and intelligence agencies, which are actually the second or third largest community in Iran got furious ( ready to act). The state has to respond according to how society is feeling in order to maintain its sense of authority and legitimacy (especially when emotion is at an extreme level).

The highest ranking commanders of Iranian armed forces said if Pakistan is not going to secure that region that we know to accommodate terrorist camps then we are going to make the necessary measures on our own.

The source for the picture above: Tehran’s warning against spirit of Pak-Iran brotherly relations, FO tells envoy

Imagine, every month or 2, militants operating within the Iranian border were conducting ambush attacks operations on Pakistani border region with Iran, so, you are losing your troops in large numbers but are unable to respond because terrorists run back to Iran as soon as they conducted their attack. You ask Iranian government and they say sorry Pakistan, we don’t have 100% control over some areas in Iran but we will do our best! Often if there is an attack from one to its neighbour, the other side, considered that country responsible. You see, if there were 1 or 2 attacks then we could be more flexible but when there is a consistent pattern of attacks then something has to be done. If Pakistan is unable to do what’s necessary, then why not let Iran does it? You cannot say “Neither You nor I, are going to do something about it, because that’s B.S.

The Source for the picture above: Iran Says Welcomes Pakistan’s Bid to Fence Shared Border

Pakistani government knows what where Iranian commander is coming from by making those statements; they probably, have discussed these several months back when many official meetings took place between Iran and Pakistan. 

Written by By Iman Mohammadi On 4 March 2019

Copyright ©Imanpoli (ImanMætm) 2019. All rights reserved.

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