Tensions Mount All-Time High As Iran And India Planning To Hit Terrorists in Pakistan

Babak Taghavi tweets Iran has deployed some F-14 to #bandarabbas airbase (located on the south-eastern region in Iran) for preparation in case of Pakistan response to Iran retaliation to the recent deadly terrorist attack in Iran that killed 27 IRGC border guards.


Babak Taghavi is saying Iran has deployed some F-14 to #bandarabbas airbase for preparation in case of Pakistan response to Iran retaliation to the recent deadly terrorist incident in #Iran!

This man is very ignorant!



This is a nasty way to report this sort of situation. Doesn’t he understand that even if Iran retaliates by launching precision-guided missiles toward those terrorist camp, it is certainly not going to be without notifying the Pakistani side!

Iran actually has a very good and to some aspect deep relationship with Pakistan that goes back to the start of the 1970 revolution.

However, Pakistani authorities have informed Iran about the real difficulties they have on repressing these Wahhabi-extremists as these entities have lots of influence in Pakistan power structure in the way that Pakistani military cannot take any serious action…

It is not satisfactory but the Iranian side gets this very well for a long time now!

Let’s just say, both countries knew months in advance that terrorists operating at Iran-eastern border are preparing to destabilise eastern and south-eastern regions of Iran.

The recent offensive-like military exercises in Iran eastern region is not unrelated to that information. Pakistani side has never rejected Iran’s concerns indeed the very opposite.   Iran’s Army launches drill Involving 12000 troops to practice ‘offensive’ tactics


Screenshot 2019-02-18 at 02.28.17

(IRGC holds major drills On Persian Gulf region, debuts ‘offensive’ component)

Let’s be sure if Iran takes any military action it would be in coordination with the Pakistani counterpart.

But Babak Taghavi tweets will only trigger people of Pakistan to feel they have to defend their nation against foreign aggression,

Screenshot 2019-02-18 at 02.16.24

A user from Pakistan reacted to Babak Taghavi tweet.

And this puts pressure on the Pakistani side to respond even if they don’t want to, which, really increases the likelihood of extreme escalation.

Babak is against the Iranian establishment but does this justify endangering his country because he hates the government?!

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