Zarif Resignation: Review

The source of most of the committed crimes, especially the most outrageous ones, is not created in one night or in the moment as many people think to be the case, but in fact, the actual cause is due to an immense amount of mental torture and unexpressed emotions/feelings that have been packing together for relatively a long-time (depending on every individual).

Zarif did not resign out of sudden, indeed, it is known to the public that he had to ask for resignation at least a couple of times before but Zarif did not publicise them like the last on 26th February 2019.
As it was disclosed one day after the resignation, this time what had made Zarif upset is when he found out Syrian President, Bashar Assad, had arrived in Tehran and right now is meeting with the supreme leader, in a meeting where Qassem Soleimani is sitting at the foreign minister seat instead of Zarif.

Screenshot 2019-02-28 at 21.50.35
The Photos above from the Assad meeting with the supreme leader; as it can be seen, the third person starting from the front is Qassem Soleimani instead of  Zarif. Additionally, it can be seen that even Rouhani is not present in this meeting (the president usually sits next to the quest).

Zarif thought this is a way, the system is trying to say to him that he has lost the supreme leader support, Zarif took this personally, and in return, declared his resignation on the same night.

Zarif resignation made lots of noise in Iran and the region probably more than the Principlists also knows as Hardliners imagined probably because of Zarif amazingly firing speech at the Munich security conference a few days back.


Screenshot 2019-02-28 at 21.49.58

Nonetheless, the following day, the resignation, faced a huge backlash. Iranian Twitter users made “Zarif stay” hashtag, Most MP made an official request of him not resigning but more importantly, Qassem Soleimani, personally, made a statement praising Zarif service and further explained, due to highly tight security reasons, very few people knew about this trip. It was revealed that not even president Rouhani knew about the meeting and that General Soleimani was personally in the plane with Bashar Assad. This claim does seem legitimate president Assad was travelling alone with no other Syrian government officials.


Screenshot 2019-02-28 at 21.49.49
The photos above show the most recent Instagram post affiliated to the General Qassem Soleimani, in which he hugging foreign minister Javad Zarif.

The following day, president Assad invited Zarif to Syria and praised his amazing work against the common enemy.

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Tensions Mount All-Time High As Iran And India Planning To Hit Terrorists in Pakistan

Babak Taghavi tweets Iran has deployed some F-14 to #bandarabbas airbase (located on the south-eastern region in Iran) for preparation in case of Pakistan response to Iran retaliation to the recent deadly terrorist attack in Iran that killed 27 IRGC border guards.

Babak Taghavi is saying Iran has deployed some F-14 to #bandarabbas airbase for preparation in case of Pakistan response to Iran retaliation to the recent deadly terrorist incident in #Iran!

This man is very ignorant!

This is a nasty way to report this sort of situation. Doesn’t he understand that even if Iran retaliates by launching precision-guided missiles toward those terrorist camp, it is certainly not going to be without notifying the Pakistani side!

Iran actually has a very good and to some aspect deep relationship with Pakistan that goes back to the start of the 1970 revolution.

However, Pakistani authorities have informed Iran about the real difficulties they have on repressing these Wahhabi-extremists as these entities have lots of influence in Pakistan power structure in the way that Pakistani military cannot take any serious action…

It is not satisfactory but the Iranian side gets this very well for a long time now!

Let’s just say, both countries knew months in advance that terrorists operating at Iran-eastern border are preparing to destabilise eastern and south-eastern regions of Iran.

The recent offensive-like military exercises in Iran eastern region is not unrelated to that information. Pakistani side has never rejected Iran’s concerns indeed the very opposite.   Iran’s Army launches drill Involving 12000 troops to practice ‘offensive’ tactics


Screenshot 2019-02-18 at 02.28.17

(IRGC holds major drills On Persian Gulf region, debuts ‘offensive’ component)

Let’s be sure if Iran takes any military action it would be in coordination with the Pakistani counterpart.

But Babak Taghavi tweets will only trigger people of Pakistan to feel they have to defend their nation against foreign aggression,

Screenshot 2019-02-18 at 02.16.24

A user from Pakistan reacted to Babak Taghavi tweet.

And this puts pressure on the Pakistani side to respond even if they don’t want to, which, really increases the likelihood of extreme escalation.

Babak is against the Iranian establishment but does this justify endangering his country because he hates the government?!

Why President Trump contradicts Chief of intelligence on Iran and North Korea?

Because CIA chief said Iran is not building or planning to build nukes, Trump never claimed otherwise, he only said Iranian have outsmarted our team etc. So If Trump had only pointed out to the reporter that there is no contradiction, Iran part was over, but instead, he got overly defensive too very quickly, and this way he attacked the CIA chief and acknowledged saying something that he never actually did! it’s crazy.

(Go back to school, Trump tells US spies)

But with respect to North Korea, I guess Trump meant the threat is not like how it was and that is true ( even though there was never any threat). but, I mean come on folks! Of course, North Korea is not going to entirely dismantle their nukes while the US shadowy intelligence services have put more sanctions on them. North Korea still has weapons because the US still has its sanctions on the country and since they have already built it all, there is no reason for them to back down now! It’s a tough spot for any diplomats to negotiate over this, especially when we have globalist-backed Bolton and Pompeo in the Whitehouse who have been openly defying president Trump when he introduces some policy in the morning and they say something else in a press confess on the same night!

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Is It All Because of Iran aggressiveness Or Our Arrogance?

Iran is not aggressive but being independent and free (in term of foreign policy making) is usually perceived by few who fear the rise of a competitor as being “aggressive”.

(Mohammad Javad Zarif, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran, responded to US warnings to sink Iranian speedboats)

Every action that various countries have taken in western Asia obviously has produced some reactions by the states located in that region.

>> The absurd approach of forcing the creation of the state of Israel literally changed the fate entire of the region and world. The 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran was massively influenced by the conflict between Palestine and Israel. IN my opinion, if it wasn’t for the issue of Palestine, Khomeini wouldn’t have had enough determination and enthusiasm to become the leader of the revolution.

>> All the blood and controversies of the 1979 revolution in Iran rooted in the US, the British and the Soviets rootless policies since the WWI with respect to Iran.

On Missile

But these days Iran is accused of being aggressive only because it has resisted foreign countries attacks. it is quite remarkable to my eyes when the US and its allies call Iran aggressive for developing missile technology as the only means of its defence while at the same time selling hundreds of billions worth of state of the art missile to Iran neighbours! This doesn’t make sense anywhere in the globe. India made nukes because China got nukes, and Pakistan got nukes because India got nukes. This is how it works. Everywhere. For example, NATO violated the treaty and installed many Air Defence System batteries surrounding Russia (taking away their strike capability) and Russia in return made Supersonic cruise missile that can bypass those air defences easily. Therefore, if the US help Israel by money and resources to build whatever kind of weapons (F35, iron dome, Tanks Nuclear Bombs Uranium etc) that they need or sells hundreds of billion dollars military equipment to Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf states countries, then we all should expect the most influential country (arguably) in that region to get worried and feels the need to acquire some form of deterrence to avoid being inavded like in 1980 by US/Soviet/EU backed Saddam.

(Javad Zarif gave the most precise and concise answer with regards to the missile)

Afghanistan and Iraq

When the US decided to occupy two of Iran neighbouring countries, Iran offers help to avoid what everyone had in mind (US war with Iran). The US accepted Iran help in toppling Taliban in Afghanistan and that is why the primary operation went very smooth but when it came to Iraq, Bush rejected Iran offer and instead called Iran axis of evil. In other words, Iran thought they might be next soon or later if the US forces remain in Iraq in mass. Many in the US main think-tank like Hudson institute hate Iran for helping Iraqi militias push the US occupying forces out of their country, which means the some in the US are angry on why you fought back when we popped all over your country and dropped some more uranium depleted bombs on your children as a memorial! This is really unbelievable the level of arrogance!


They themselves replaced the Suni Saddam who was a CIA stooge, with a new system that happened to be run by the Shia prime minister after the elections! Then under the US supervision, ISIS is created and kept growing but they somehow dare to accuse Iran once again for that!

Why Iran somehow was in Iraq?!

As ISIS, advanced 30 km to Iranians border and the US simply rejected an emergency call for help from the Iraqi government on ISIS offensives to Baghdad and Erbil, Iran received two calls one from Kurdish authorities and one from Baghdad, demanding immediate support and Iran without saying anything further deployed heavy military equipment plus several hundred special forces in one night which repelled the ISIS offensives. Is it Iran being aggressive here?!


The only reason why Iran has some presence in Syria is due to the fact that the US and its allies created a Jihadist production factory in that country.

>> US/ allies made a systematic effort to find every psychopath, criminal and terrorists from all over the globe (Chechnya, southern Russia, eastern Asia, Saudi Arabia etc) and deployed them to Syria from the northern border with Turkey where Erdogan-ISIS dirty oil trade was going on and from southern Syria, through Jordan and also from the Israel occupying Golan Heights. Iran with so much suffering managed to keep them in line until Russia provided airpower to stop that cancer before it was too late! They did everyone a favour, especially the European!

Iran is not aggressive, in fact, Iran has been entirely pretty defensive but effective and firm on its moves (because it’s defensive simply wanting to survive) whereas other parties just made reckless policies as if its a game, because it is a game for them when you’re defending your existence, your entire being, you’re more likely to be effective and determined, whereas imperial kind of policies are superfluous and lack determination.