TheBiggerPicture – Why The American Public Doesn’t Care That Sanctions Are Killing Iranian People?!

Milgram Experiment is one of the most interesting and controversial experiments in psychology. This experiment showed that people are willing to kill another human being who they have never met when they feel a person of a higher authority is ordering it to them, so it means people don’t feel responsible when its not them who have decided to kill that person even though it’s them who are actually doing the killing.
After the US dropped 2 nuclear bombs in Japan, the American public, were very happy and not at all upset, they even wanted to the US to drop more nukes. This is not only true for all human beings not only Americans.

Morality is a very strange subject. Most if not all people only find something immoral and wrong when it is assumed to be wrong. So it is not absolute. People could have been taught to find something totally right even though they might appear to find it extremely disgusting now. It’s depressing and a bit dark!

So to give a more direct answer to your question, American don’t give a damn because, in their community, sanctions on Iran is assumed to be moral and justified. If tomorrow the US mainstream media try to portray it as immoral and inhuman, then, the next day, you would see human right activists, protesting on street crying for the people of Iran.

One thought on “TheBiggerPicture – Why The American Public Doesn’t Care That Sanctions Are Killing Iranian People?!

  1. It’s more simple than that. The Iranians are the enemy of America and our allies, as they have consistently made very clear. Hence, whatever we do them is just or, in the case of sanctions, an act of restraint and mercy.

    There are only two solutions to an enemy: eradicate them or enslave them and breed them out of existence. I prefer the latter in that enemy males should be culled and their females – those deemed of usefulness – used as breeders with their progeny being raised completely as our people; thereby eradicating the enemy completely.

    Besides, some of those Iranian females look good and struggle pleasantly.


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