How influential were Iranian Azerbaijanis in the Iran-Iraq war?

The highest number of martyrs were from Isfahan and Tehran provinces. The second highest was from Iranian Azerbaijanis along with Mazandaran and Khuzestan (where Ahvaz is located) provinces.

Iran-Iraq war like most other wars had a number of geniuses in term of the science of military; those who changed the equation of power when they entered the frontline. 2 out of 13 known figures who indeed lost their lives in that war were of Iranian Azeri background.

Mehdi Bakeri was the commander of the most or the second most important battle during Iran-Iraq war and many other major battles. He was known for his bravery and fighting tirelessly. He is a known war hero.

(The picture above shows Mehdi Bakeri )

Javad Fakoori was the most influential commanders of Iranian airforce. He was the one who designed the 2 of the most important airstrike missions during the war; Operation Kaman 99 and H-3 airstrike. Kaman 99 destroyed half of the Ba’athist airforce on the second day of war and H-3 (he was involved in that mission) was perhaps the most sophisticated operation by Iranian airforce that attacked the only air base Saddam thought Iran would never be able to attack.

(The picture above shows Javad Fakoori)

Does Israel have enough capabilities to confront Iran alone?

There is a reason why Israel is so dependent on the US support. Israel, alone, could have never occupied the land that they have since 50s. In order for Israel to maintain their occupation, they need the constant support of the US, especially in term militarily. All the game-ganger capabilities that Israel now has (F35, Iron Dome etc) is completely because of the US money and resources.

(Source: A Conservative Estimate of Total U.S. Direct Aid to Israel: Almost $138 Billion – WRMEA)

(Source: The Costs to American Taxpayers of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: $3 Trillion – WRMEA)

Israel is a good striker, they can land the perfect first punch and they do all they can that that punch knocks-out their opponent. Their weakness comes when their opponent sustained that first hit and starts to fight back as Israel although is the perfect striker but can get exhausted very quickly. Israel, alone, cannot confront Iran, because Iran strength is staying up on their feet and the never-ending cycle of attacks, they can endure long war, they are the survivor. Their strength comes after their opponent attacks them.

Israel knows better than anyone they cannot confront Iran by themselves. If they could have, then they would have done so just like they confronted Syria and Iraq.

In summary, Israel has enough capabilities to seriously hurt Iran but they have a lot more to lose than Iran and quite frankly, much more vulnerable in a strategic and political sense. Any real conflict between Iran and Israel in which Iran shows competency in the fighting, like targeting Tel Aviv and Haifa, would bring a massive support for Iran from Sunni Muslims in the region and that is the nightmare of IDF; a united Muslim population with one goal in mind, defeating Israel.

Why Iran appears so confident when it comes to confront the US and its allies?

They are confident because they have been defeating the US in the middle east non-stop ever since 9/11.

  • Removing the influence of the US (NATO) in the middle east has been one of the main objectives of Iran because, in their thinking, Iran needs to acquire enough security apparatus in its region that guarantees their long-term survival before the country can focus on internal matters. And of course, they see no security when hostile forces ( NATO) are in the offensive posture right on their border*.

*This was the lesson Iran learned in WW2 when the country was occupied by Soviet and British quite easily even though they were neutral because the leader of modern Iran, Reza Pahlavi, was so focused to build universities and other infrastructures that he forgot to build an independent national security and intelligence system that could actually protect the country. Iranian armed forces were not independent, they were controlled by western entities from the very core.*

  • The US spent several trillion dollars in Iraq and some more in Afghanistan but they have almost no influence in these countries now, unlike Iran which has spent much much less but has much much more influence** (not even comparable).
  • The US is almost begging the Taliban to talk with them and in Iraq, the US has been trying to find the best way to get the F**k out as quickly as possible.

Trump once threatened Iranian president in full cap letters of kind of war that few countries have experienced throughout history, Iranians read that as nuclear strike and occupation thread.

The commander of Quds force ( the most feared branch of IRGC) said in response, that the US in the case of Afghanistan invasion, couldn’t even handle the Taliban, which, according to him is a very amateurish organisation in compare to the ocean of Iranian armed forces, he further added, “so what do you think its gonna happen if you go war with us (Iran)!?


His point was that if the US couldn’t handle a small but independent militias that have their own politics as small as Taliban and indeed wants to seat on a table with them as the way of accepting them, then what would they face if they go against Iranian armed forces that consist of IRGC ( which include Quds force+ Hezbollah that has over 100k missiles and their own intelligence network and the most trained fighters arguably in the world after the sophisticated Syrian war experiences and defeating IDF in 2006 + Houthis + the entire of the axis of resistance in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan throughout the middle east), local Basij militias (over 2 million politically motivated members with limited military training in Iran), Iranian national army (over 500K forces, independent from IRGC) and Iranian intelligence forces and cyber army ( with over 30K members just In middle eastern countries and unknown number of highly sophisticated agents mainly in southern American countries, the US and of course western European countries like Deutschland, Austria, The UK, France, Denmark, Switzerland and surprisingly even Sweden!).


  • The US and its allies said “Assad MUST GO” and did everything in their power to achieve that but Iran somehow prevailed and now the US still cannot believe this humiliating defeat ( Just today it was reported that the US is slowly removing its mercenaries from Northern East of Syria ).
  • The US has done everything so that the Saudi royal family would be able to crush the Houthis, at least! But that has also, failed. Iran didn’t even want to get involved in Yemen, they spent very little treasure there but Houthis wanted Iranian support. The US has even lost its own elite troops ( the highly valuable fighters like Green Berets!) in Yemen but Houthis have now become even stronger than they used to be. They can take down the largest oil refinery in the world (Aramco) in the southern East of Saudi Arabia in a matter of seconds and send the European countries economy into recession and the US into deep trouble or perhaps block the Bab-el-Mandeb strait which is even more important than Strait of Hormuz since it connects the west and east, literally!

Indeed, a couple of days after Qassem Soleimnai warned Trump after Trump’s tweet, Houthis destroyed the most expensive Saudi naval destroyer in Bab-el-Mandeb with Iranian anti-ship Ballistic missiles and also targeted a large Saudi oil tanker that was passing the strait. This didn’t get into news much, but the situation was extremely tense since Iranian commanders took Trump full cap tweet personal and perhaps even serious.

Underground sources, reported that Iranian submarines were lined-up very close to Yemenis coast and the strategic port of Hodeidah, were Saudi-lead coalitions were trying to seize at that time. The reaction by the Saudi and the US army was so calm with regards to Iran approach that proved to Iranian the threat of war by Trump was not something leaders say before starting a war and that’s how the strait of Bab-el-Mandeb was reopened!

Do you know how much leverage these provide?!

For Iran, these matters mean the defeat of the US not the actual occupying.

**Iran doesn’t have as much influence in Afghanistan after Taliban massacred over dozen Iranian diplomats before the US invasion, but still Iran has much more influence (especially intelligence) in Afghanistan than the US, because Iran at least got many friends and followers amongst the Shia and Persian backgrounds in Afghanistan where majority of people speak Persian like the Iranians, but the US is hated by all due to the invasion and years of bombardments.**

Will Trump issue more waivers on Iran oil sanctions after the threat from Riyadh?

Certainly not officially, but the US is seriously considering waivers on Iranian oil sanctions.

This even more likely now that war of words of started between Trump and Saudi officials because of oil prices and the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Turkey.

A couple of days ago, Trump said he might put sanctions on Saudi Arabia if the allegation of Saudi involvement in the murder Mr Khashoggi was true.

Now today, Mohammed Bin Salman, the crown prince, has hit back and said, if the US imposes a sanction on his country, he will increase the price of oil to up to 200 dollars per barrel.

All these means that Trump cannot rely on Saudi Arabia to fill the market after the loss of Iranian oil, and indeed the very opposite is happening, therefore it is more likely that more waivers are issued to keep some Iranian oil in the market, for now, this year at least!

Also, I don’t see how the crown prince can have a normal relation with Trump after this threat against Washington with regards to increasing oil prices! Trump likely to have taken to this personally.

Did Iran really try to bomb MEK rally in Paris?!

froze asset over the alleged bombing plot. On 20 July 2018, Israeli international 24-hour news or i24NEWS said that the Bombing Plot against MEK meeting in was Foiled by the ! Interesting!

Some people say the plot to blow-up the MEK meeting in Paris is a false flag to undermine Iranian president trip to Europe to salvage the Nuclear Deal,

**The reason for their claim is that the captured couple that was involved in that alleged bombing plot were indeed members of MEK themselves and had pictures with some of the highest MEK officials!**

So basically MEK (a terrorist organisation that wants to rule Iran) tried to sabotage Iran’s effort to make some reconciliation with Europe by faking a bombing plot against themselves through their members and try to show that as Iran’s effort.

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 03.46.07

(The man in the middle is called Mehdi Abrishamchi who is known as the right hand of the main leader of MEK, very high ranking MEK. The man on the Right is one of the bombing plotters, Amir Saadouni)

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 03.46.14(Amir Saadouni, one of captured bombing plotter in a MEK rally in Paris or London) Naseem-e- Naimi who is Amir Saadouni’s wife was also captured with 500 g of explosives!

The news about an Iranian diplomat being involved is totally made up. They had only found his contact number and made a call to him through their personal phone ( ! ) so that it would look as if he was involved!

Do they really want us to believe that they would communicate by phone before plotting a bombing in such a scale!? This is the classic definition of False Flag.

Iran does worry about MEK but since they are so hated by Iranian people that Iranian government would use that to demonise the rest of the oppositions ( who aren’t that impressive either ) so they are not so desperate to eliminate them.

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 03.46.22

Even if they really wanted to remove the MEK officials, they would definitely consider that the US officials are also present who they don’t want to hurt (at least in this way).


What If Iran Is hiding Its Nuclear Weapons In The Fear of Global Condemnation And Embargo?

What Israel and the US are really concern with regards to Iran’s nuclear program is if one day Iran becomes a fully Nuclear Capable State and not really if they (Iran) posses a number of nuclear warheads although they would certainly wouldn’t like that either since the the real reason for the US and Israel dissension is not the nuclear threat but the very core of Iranian political philosophy that has been in practice since 1979).

A fully nuclear capable state means a country that has master the extensive uranium enrichment (over 90%), able to extract uranium, knows the know-how of how to make nuclear warheads (which means they have tested their nuclear warheads several times) and of course have the means to deliver the warheads (masters the ICBM).

Doing all these, especially testing nuclear weapons, which is 100% unavoidable and necessary are almost impossible to hide for any country today, especially for Iran which is being closely monitored 24/7 by satellites and of course by thousands of agents and spies that are sent to Iran regularly (espionage warfare on Iran is too damn tense and it only seems to be getting worse).

So Iran is well-aware that it cannot hide testing nuclear weapons, especially ever since 2015 that IAEA inspectors are all over the country. It’s just the worst decision they could make and that’s why they have not done it so (for example, any nuclear underground testing, would make earthquakes with uniques type of Seismic wave that paleoseismologist can easily detect, simply impossible to hide).

Iran wanted to improve its impression in the international community and break the international alliance that Obama managed to create against it. Thus they would never make another secret program after they signed the deal as doing so could make their impression much worse than before. Iran’s intention was to faithfully comply with the deal. And they did so.

According to president Trump and secretory of state Pompeo, the US will reimpose sanctions (which also include the embargo on oil fields or let’s say any other deal that Iran could make with foreign companies in any field including medicine and medications) regardless of Iran’s total commitment to the terms of the nuclear deal, also known as JCPOA.

So when you asked whether Iran is hiding any of its nukes in the fear of US sanctions, you should remember the US and (probably) soon the Europe union (or let’s say the west) are already boycotting Iran’s oil industry but not because they found out of Iran’s secret nukes but solely because they want to move in the path that is more likely to ends-up with a war with Iran and not the path that might lead to peace or a more internationally recognised Iran.

P.s even if one day Iran totally gives up its nuclear program ( no enrichment) plus missiles, the US would never leave Iran. They would make up another reason to crush Iran.


How Can A Nuclear Iran Indeed be Good Thing For Its enemies?!

Israel (Netanyahu) presents to the world that they are really frightened by an Iran that has nuclear weapons because Iran is some crazy and irrational state that will target Israel as soon as they make their first nuclear weapon. But in fact, although nuclear weapons would give a great advantage to Iran in some degree (short-term), it also means Iran has entered a very dangerous game where they really have no power in comparison to their advisories (the US) with respect to nuclear weapon technology.

If Iran possess nukes, the US and Israel are much more free to completely destroy Iran (with nukes) perhaps by spreading false stories like, “Iran fired nukes toward the USA, first, but we managed to target their missile in space while they failed to stop our retaliation.” They would even get cheers by their people if they work on their story-line well enough.

(Was a Nuclear Missile Attack on Hawaii Thwarted by a Secret Space Program?)

why Israel has numerously, specifically, declared ISIS as not being a threat even though one could think of ISIS to soon become even worse than Iran (in Israeli perspective) ?!

(David Duke on Twitter )

ISIS was too stupid and evil that almost seemed as if they wanted be hated by the globe. No one liked ISIS. The entire of the world with little exception dearly hated ISIS. Is it too crazy to say Israel would have loved ISIS to expand and take the control of Iraq and Syria (at least) because only then, the US Army, NATO and IDF have had once again a legitimate reason to attack the middle east like how the US did after the 9/11.

Imagine ISIS was in control of the entire of Iraq and Syria, and horrendous terrorist attacks were committed almost daily in Europe and the US along with the frightening videos of beheadings being released by ISIS.

(Videomaterial erhalten: IS-Hinrichtungen im Studio gefilmt )

These all would result in some sort of meeting in the UN to plan a massive attack that could stop this evil named ISIS. Eventually the US-lead coalition would have had launched a brutal attack and massacre most people of these countries (this time with international consent) under the pretext of defeating “the evil ISIS” and maybe even the use of few nuclear warheads. All these would have given Israel the legitimacy to expand their occupation (totally crush the Gaza Strip) and perhaps become Iran’s new neighbour!

ISIS was the best thing that ever happened for Israel ever since the 9/11 if you think about it!

(“Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan For The Middle East | The Sleuth Journal )

I gave the ISIS example so you would know the type of logic that could be applied; if Iran today was to becomes a nuclear state, it is very likely that Israel would make their regional players like Saudi Arabia, a nuclear state in order to manipulate Iran or perhaps both of them in some sort of nuclear stand-off that could end-up both getting destroyed or significantly weakened.

Iran launches Ballistic missiles in retaliation to the terror attack

At 02:00 on Monday (22:30 GMT on Sunday) Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) launched 6 ballistic missiles into ISIS targets in the east of the Euphrates in Syria.

IRGC further added that 7 drones were also used in the strike operation. This attack is in response to the terror attack in the southern city of Ahvaz that killed 29 people including women and children.

Fateh and Zolfaghar short-range ballistic missiles are the kinds of missile that has been used in the attack. These missiles have travelled over 570 km and have landed on their targets with high accuracy.

(The images above is from the terror attack in Ahvaz that killed 29 and injured over 60 people on 22 September 2018)

According to Syrian Observatory For Human Rights ( which is against Iran), 4 of these missiles have targeted ISIS HQs in Hajin. Unconfirmed reports suggest that 2 missiles have failed however these two missiles may have had different targets than the rest of the missiles.

*More updates are to be expected


This video shows Iranian drones conducting airstrikes.

Saegheh is the name of the drone in this video. This video also shows that IRGC used their domestically developed laser-guided bombs (LGB) called Sadid 342.

Saegheh is believed to be the reverse engineering of the famous US RQ-170 that Iranian managed to take over its control while it was in a spying mission in eastern Iran.